About us


The Bazzana SA company was founded over 40 years ago by Giuseppe Bazzana, who, with stubbornness and foresight, laid the foundations of a company that aimed at achieving a leading position in its areas of competence.

Entrepreneurial spirit, professionalism, and constantly striving for quality enabled the company to grow to become one of the largest companies in the Canton of Ticino and a point of reference for other companies in the sector.

Over the years, the company has equipped itself with a modern managerial structure capable of meeting all the needs of a difficult and competitive market. In addition to private commissions, we meet several public mandates. The numerous checks to which these works are subjected, in both the approval and the execution phases, testify that our reliability and precision are appreciated by the institutional bodies.

Our long years of experience, together with continuous retraining and development of new products and construction techniques, have enabled Bazzana to win the respect and trust of important architects, entrepreneurs, and suppliers. This entrepreneurial journey began many years ago and today its success provides the incentive to face new challenges with the same enthusiasm and determination.


Alessandro Marcoli

We are currently operating on about 30 construction sites, scattered between Chiasso and Airolo, and we currently employ around a hundred collaborators.

The past as a lesson, the present as a commitment, and the future as a challenge. This is the way Bazzana SA tackles everyday work. Our technical staff constantly update their knowledge in order to apply the most cutting-edge construction techniques and use the most innovative materials

This expertise is at the disposal of Architects and Clients, which enables us to offer them new, faster, and cheaper solutions.

We are a nationally recognised training company and our employees include qualified experts who teach courses for trainees from all companies in the industry. We are currently training 5 apprentices who represent a very important resource for us. At the end of training, the best of them will be permanently integrated into our staff, providing us with the essential driving force to grow and look to the future with optimism.

Continuing training is also one of our strengths. We organise theoretical and practical courses for our workers, so that everyone can continue their professional development and help create a better corporate identity.

ATMG&P (Associazione Ticinese Mastri Gessatori & Plafonatori)We are members of the ATMG&P (Ticinese Association of Master Craftsmen, Plasterers, & Lighting Installers) committee. In this context, we play an important role and place our technical and business experience at the disposal of other companies.

Stubbornness, professionalism, experience, reliability, enthusiasm, and determination. This is the basis on which Bazzana SA was founded and we design and build our future and that of our clients on this same basis.